6 comments on “JnE chapter 19 Release

  1. Did Yukimori just carried an adult man like he was a rag doll? Damn, I always knew she is not someone whose bad side I want to be on but I had no Idea she could back up her personality and brains with that much physical strength O_o

    Oh yeah – and thanks for the chapter 😉

    • We used to keep IRC manned but stopped when some of us started to get busy with other things. We’re always available via email~ ☆~

    • From what I’m aware there hasn’t been any active progress on the series; as for what that actually means, your guess is as good as mine. ItAintEazy hasn’t mentioned it at all, so that could mean he’s busy with other things right now, lost interest, etc. Last time I spotted him was August.

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